Street Children

Runway and abandoned children abound in the districts where we work. A worrying phenomenon is that rural children are heading into the cities due to social and economical situations. On average 4 – 5 new children arrive daily struggling for food and sleeping in unprotected places.

Eventually they are forced to join by peer groups where they consume substances i.e. glue sniffling, smoking, alcohol etc. Children who leave home often face abuse and exploitation. They suffer from oppressive behavior of people in authority and older boys. With such an abnormal life and way of thinking a child often becomes submissive, his behavior is slowly destroyed.

In these situations street children are in a state of despair and expect to suffer pain in silence. Moreover the children if not rescued promptly get involved in petty crime and are further gets into trouble by Police. We rescue them as early as possible before they are exposed to the horrendous experiences of living on the streets.

HEARTS emphasize all children to enjoy their legitimate right to play, association and education according to the UN Convention on the rights of the child. We run shelters and encourage all children to read, write and also empower them to claim their rights. We aim to reunify with their families but where this is not possible, children are equipped with skills, vocational trainings and formal education to lead a better life.